Thursday, 10 May 2012

Savaged by critics for failing to have interviewed, seen or even spoken
to Michael Jackson, the subject of her latest biography, the writer
Agatha Blunt defended her position by declaring "I didn't have to
meet him while he was living here on Earth.  The dear little man spoke
to me from the spirit world"  When asked what she thought of the music
she insisted that she hadn't heard any music since, "I wrote the entire
800 pages while in a trance."  Agatha Blunt is president-for-life of the 
British Psychics Writing and Drawing Circle.


  1. I sent a long letter psychically to Agatha but she hasn't responded. Why?

  2. That does seem strange. Especially if you enclosed your bank details with the letter. But I hear she's recently been deeply involved, receiving recipes from Beyond for the new Elvis Presley Cookbook. Agatha is also something of a bon vivant and likes to make her connection to the spirit world with a good single malt.