Wednesday, 13 April 2016

She should have tried the Eggs Benedict

As part of her Sunday Times series on ‘Living with the Homeless’ in 1979 Tanya Tilbury-Whiffle spent the weekend in a traveller’s caravan.  ‘It was absolutely shocking!’ revealed the celebrated romantic novelist, children's writer, biographer, historian, poet, painter, potter, sculptor, columnist, wit, wine expert, TV celebrity, gardener, composer, librettist, agony aunt, goodwill ambassador, peace envoy, vegetarian, animal campaigner and award-winning interior designer, ‘the coffee was cold and there wasn’t even a decent croissant. I just don’t know how these poor people manage!’

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Please wait to be seated

Fanny and Dudley Hovis pose for pictures to promote Dudley’s book ‘Errol Flynn’s Ghost Invaded my Wife’  Fanny says that the ghost - pictured here sitting on the footstool - arrived shortly after she fell and cracked her head in the kitchen and now follows her everywhere. They eat, sleep and bathe together. ‘Since he arrived in the house he’s turned our lives upside down,’ said Dudley, who now has to sleep in the spare bedroom.  They are currently seeking a publisher.