Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The kitchen sink feminist playwright lovely Lefty Morgan Murphy 
(notorious for ‘The Fart-Arse Monologues’ - see post for 11th Dec 2011) 
has defended her controversial new kitchen sink production 
at the Royal Court Theatre.   ‘Scum Bag - Scum Bag!’ is a three-act
 monologue delivered by a down-trodden working class woman
 (played by Dame Alice Gertrude-Savoy) to her kitchen sink. 
“I’m passionate about London’s wretched working class women,” Lefty 
explained, over the phone from her holiday home in the Algarve. 
 “I strongly identify with their struggle” 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Betty Buckler, author of the blockbusting Doctor and Nurses Romance 
Library - seen here resting at her own front door after coming home from 
another lavish publishers’ party - recently announced that her wildly 
successful books will no longer  be published in book form. 
“Writing just  takes up too much of her  valuable time,” her agent said. 
“In future rough ideas will be dictated by Betty,  or friends and associates, 
developed by a team of dedicated scriptwriters and then launched
 as big-budget TV mini-adventures, leaving Betty more time for the
 important stuff, like marketing and celebrity appearances. 
NB: Despite a busy schedule Betty Buckler agreed to pose as Miss April 
in the Poetry Society’s Celebrity Calendar. (See post for 17th Dec 2011) 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

After the success of six-year-old author, Britney Woggle, whose Booker
 Prize nominated first novel 'Woggle World' became an international 
sensation for its notorious descriptions of finger-painting, Curtis Pyke
 launches a 'sexy, smouldering, first novel sizzler' by his son, the lanky 
steel-jawed  wunderkind Dwight Pyke.  But the publishers abruptly 
cancel publication after jealous neighbours  reveal that the boy is 
actually Curtis Pyke's  own wife wearing a stolen school uniform.    

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clovis, Audrey and Phyliss, the Corbett family, 
celebrate the publication of their fifteen-volume Corbett history,
tracing the family's migration from Paddington to Putney in search
of romance and adventure.  "We had our manuscript turned down 
by more than forty publishers before 'E-BOOKS-R-EASY' agreed
to publish our story," said Clovis.  "They were very encouraging,"
remembers Audrey.  "And they also charge reasonable rates," added
Phyliss. E-BOOKS-R-EASY estimates that, by the end of the year,
every man, woman and child in the UK will have self-published at least
one volume of heart-warming memoir or light verse. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Shyster (seen here at home in Beverly 
Hills) this month celebrates forty lucrative years of writing 
Writing for Hollywood  manuals. Although he's never actually sold one 
of his own screenplays to a Hollywood studio, many of his students 
have carved out very successful careers of their own, writing 
Writing for Hollywood manuals.  "There's no business like show business business!" hoots Harvey.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

After the Christmas pantomime 'Babes in the Wood' starring the
moustachioed celebrity novelist Muriel Gaylord and written
 by controversial kitchen sink feminist playwright Lefty Morgan 
Murphy (see post for the 11th December) closes early 
at the Bertolt Brecht Variety Theatre, Kilburn, North London,
the management announces an exciting season of Poetry on the 
Trampoline by performance poets Greta Grubb and Rex Bass Tard