Friday, 26 July 2013

He plans to retire before his next birthday . . .

The Author is introduced to Eric Duncan-Macaroon the latest
twelve-year-old enfant terrible of modern English fiction
 and author of the best-selling autobiography 'The Early Years -
Confessions of a Troubled Twelve-Year-Old' soon to be made into
an award-winning BBC mini-series about a troubled twelve-year-old
and his struggle to write his own life story.

Monday, 15 July 2013

He don't sweat the small stuff . . .

Milton Carnaby, the Sixties fashion guru who introduced
the idea of wearing your shirt back-to-front with the collar 
turned up, appeared on the BBC Book Programme to promote
his autobiography 'Rag Trade to Riches' and was accused of using
a ghost-writer to compile his memoirs.  Carnaby merely shrugged 
and said "What am I, bleedin' Einstein?  I never learned to read
nor write - I was too busy making money!"

Saturday, 6 July 2013

George was in the laundry basket . . .

Inspired by popular psychic biographer Agatha Blunt who wrote 
her intimate story of Michael Jackson while sitting at home in a trance
Lucy Pickles (pictured left with her best friend Maude) claims that
while she was sick in bed with the measles, John Lennon haunted her 
wardrobe "He asked me to write his true life story.  It was awesome.  
He said we had to love one another and stuff!" she said. "He said 
I should give peace a chance and stuff.  It's all in my book!" 
 She is currently seeking a publisher.