Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Home to Roost.

After launching the crowdfunding for his new book “Welcome to Earth - an imaginary encyclopaedia’ the Author is accused of plagiarism by Cyril Sprout whose own book ‘Welcome to Earth - the Complete Guide to Garden Spadework ’ was first published in 1957. After a heated argument Cyril agrees to settle out of court if the Author buys him a new caravan. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Milk and Biscuits with the Rich and Famous

As part of the campaign to crowdfund his new book, ‘Welcome to Earth’ the Author is invited to meet five-year-old celebrity author, singer, songwriter, tap dancer, UN goodwill ambassador, fund-raiser and award-winning interior designer, Britney Woggle. Her Booker Prize nominated first novel "Woggle World" has been the biggest sensation since the twelve-year-old giant of English fiction Martin Adenoid had his own best-selling autobiography turned into a BBC mini-series.  Over malted milk and biscuits Britney told the Author she thought  he was "wonderful for his age!”  https://unbound.com/books/welcome-to-earth