Friday, 24 February 2012

Betty Buckler, author of the blockbusting Doctor and Nurses Romance 
Library - seen here resting at her own front door after coming home from 
another lavish publishers’ party - recently announced that her wildly 
successful books will no longer  be published in book form. 
“Writing just  takes up too much of her  valuable time,” her agent said. 
“In future rough ideas will be dictated by Betty,  or friends and associates, 
developed by a team of dedicated scriptwriters and then launched
 as big-budget TV mini-adventures, leaving Betty more time for the
 important stuff, like marketing and celebrity appearances. 
NB: Despite a busy schedule Betty Buckler agreed to pose as Miss April 
in the Poetry Society’s Celebrity Calendar. (See post for 17th Dec 2011) 


  1. There's an app on the iPad turns books into TV mini-series. It's only 69p. Baron Fellowes of West Stafford used the upgrade version on his iPhone to turn a napkin idea into Downton Abbey.

  2. You might be interested to hear that there's now an app for generating napkin ideas. I think it's called iNap. Baron Fellowes probably uses one to save time with that tiresome 'first draft' process. Less napkin - more lunch!