Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The cast of 'Sod Off!' confronts an angry first night audience at the 
Royal Court Theatre.  The play, written by feisty feminist playwright
Lefty Morgan Murphy is a controversial attack on London's bourgeois
theatre audiences.  The actors are directed to assemble on the edge of 
stage, hurl abuse at the dress circle and spit at people in the front rows.
Murphy, best known for her 'Fart-Arse Monologues' and the recent
'Scum-Bag Scum-Bag' was indignant at the audience reaction. 
"Flaming cheek - they threw stuff back!" she complained over the
phone from her holiday home in the Algarve. "And that's not in the
 script. I mean, just who do these philistines think they're dealing
 with here?  I've won an Evening Standard Award"


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