Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clovis, Audrey and Phyliss, the Corbett family, 
celebrate the publication of their fifteen-volume Corbett history,
tracing the family's migration from Paddington to Putney in search
of romance and adventure.  "We had our manuscript turned down 
by more than forty publishers before 'E-BOOKS-R-EASY' agreed
to publish our story," said Clovis.  "They were very encouraging,"
remembers Audrey.  "And they also charge reasonable rates," added
Phyliss. E-BOOKS-R-EASY estimates that, by the end of the year,
every man, woman and child in the UK will have self-published at least
one volume of heart-warming memoir or light verse. 


  1. E-BOOKS-R-EASY - that's fun!

  2. Yes, they're great people. And you don't need no good grammar neither. They take care of everything - included in the price! Now everyone can be a big-shot author.

  3. Is there a special Kindle for farmers and rural people?