Sunday, 13 November 2011

Austin Stinkhorn the performance poet seen here on the Underground
during his London Arts Festival 'strolling minstrel' poetry project.
Throughout an hilarious afternoon on the Bakerloo Line he mingled
with crowds, swigging on a bottle of supermarket vodka and shouting
obscenities at strangers.  


  1. I liked it better in the old days when poets stayed at home in their bedrooms and bored themselves. It’s impossible for poets to get published these days which can only be a good thing. If Ted Hughes was alive today he’d never get into print, his only outlet would be bothering people on the tube with his pet crows and his Yorkshire accent. We need to get rid of these performance clowns.

  2. It's certainly the Author's opinion that all the 'performance poets' in Britain should be arrested, contained in a secure - and isolated - football stadium where they would be forced to 'perform' to one another without hope of release.