Wednesday, 9 November 2011

After mysteriously failing to launch the young poet Melody Fly-Wheeler
onto the literary scene (see 10th July) the publisher and publicist Arty 
Finkel begins to groom his latest discovery for worldwide success.  
Amaryliss Blowser has just completed a one-million-word teenage
 historical vampire romance set in another galaxy.  
Although Finkel couldn't remember the title  of this epic, he said:  
"I can tell at a glance she's a talented girl - I don't need to read 
her work.  I trust my instincts. I'm looking forward to handling her."


  1. Any idea what the title is of Amaryliss Blowser's novel? And does she normally type in her swimming costume?

    Does the Author think it's a common problem of publishers not reading the books they publish? If found out can they be sacked? Do you know of any well-known novels that were never read by the publishers?

  2. We're reliably informed that Blowser's book is called 'The Vampire Venus Voyages' and Arty Finkel explains that the artistic swimsuit photos are for publicity purposes only.

    Publishers prefer to employ professional 'readers' to look at manuscripts. It leaves them more time for lunch.