Saturday, 3 December 2011

After following bearded wonder and celebrity author
 Salman Rushdie's guide on 'How to be Charming with Women'
 local street poet and musician Spooky Simon (above) is cautioned
by police for rude and abusive behaviour.  "There's one law
for the rich . . . " he complains later, returning to his shop doorway


  1. What happened when Spooky was hired by the Crucifixion Reenactment Society to play Jesus last Easter? Did they use real nails? Are the reports true of what happened on the third day?

  2. The Author has no information on Spooky's part of Jesus with the Crucifixion Reenactment Society but remembers he was dismissed from the original production of Jesus Christ Superstar for making rude gestures and generating offensive smells during The Virgin Mary's big number, I Don't Know How to Love Him