Sunday, 9 October 2011

After a late-night discussion on the future of modern literature 
in the Cardiff Guildhall Lecture Theatre the veteran poet and playwright
Archie Kensington says that he wants a breath of fresh air 
and insists on walking back to his hotel only to find himself 
trapped on the street by autograph hunters, convinced that 
"he's someone famous off the telly" having noticed he's wearing a shirt and jacket. When the atmosphere turns ugly he's forced to sign their arms in lipstick and share a Bacardi Breezer.


  1. Are these the same girls who stole Kensington's laptop from his hotel room? Is he worried about identity theft? STDs? His wife finding out?

  2. It's interesting you should mention a laptop. The thieves actually stole Kensington's Remington portable typewriter in a leather-bound case, thinking they had taken a custom-built laptop. It was later found abandoned in a back alley.