Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mad Georgie Butcher threatens to "hunt them down like animals"
after learning that his newly-published autobiography 
'Crime Boss Confessions' had not been shortlisted for this year's
Mann Booker Prize. "They just won a world of pain" he announced


  1. If Butcher wins the Booker watch out for Julian 'Punch' Barnes - he whacked Judy Finnigan when she pointed out his resemblance to the sea-side puppet. He's a sore loser. When Martin Amis beat him at chess Barnes knocked his teeth out.

  2. Well that’s an interesting story. The Author was told that Martin Amis lost his teeth during a scuffle when he and Barnes were both shortlisted for “The Ugliest Novelist Writing in English” Award presented annually by The Scribbler Magazine. When Barnes suggested that, as far as he understood, Amis wasn’t writing in English, the pocket-sized genius turned nasty and a fight broke out. Previous winners of the award include Salam Rushdie and Anthony Burgess’ hair.