Friday, 16 September 2011

Inspired by the recent campaign to raise enough money to save
Roald Dahl's garden shed for "future generations" the Author attempts
to sell his old armchair as a "cultural treasure for the nation"
 but admits he's disappointed by the lack of response.  
His agent suggests he tries eBay.


  1. The Dahl family are appealing for £500,000 to repair a few floorboards in Roald Dahl's garden shed. How much would the Author need to buy a shed from B&Q to house his old armchair and save it for the nation?

  2. About £135 - that's $200 US - for the 'Easy-Fit' self-assembly model complete with pitched roof and smart side window. A small price to pay for a national treasure.

  3. David Hockney spends that much in a week on cheap fags

  4. Is the armchair dumped in Author's back garden?

  5. It looks like it was dumped in a field!