Monday, 14 March 2011

Fanny Drone and Joyce Potter-Pirbright
joint winners of the coveted Lyle H Oswald Prize
for speed writing poetry (light verse category)
at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival.
The prize was established by Polenta Hartebeeste
in memory of the late L H Oswald and presented
by her brother Fletcher Hartbeeste


  1. How does one speed write poetry? Has the author ever tried it?

  2. The competition rules for speed writing are simple enough. Each writer is provided with a rhyming dictionary, five HB pencils, a manuscript book and attempts to write verse against the clock. Eye rhymes and oblique rhymes are permitted but bonus points are awarded for perfect polysyllabic rhymes. Dub poets were once regarded as natural champions of this sport but have since been banned for cruelty to the language. The Author has never participated.